#8: MLM and I, Part 1

At the time when I was first introduced to this MLM company I was working in a coffee-shop. This was a huge insecurity for me because I had finished grad school and I had failed to find a job in my field. I had told everybody that I was looking and they were asking me how the job hunting was going every single time they saw me. I was truly frustrated with having to answer that question the same way every time and try to change the subject right away. Same thing applied to going on dates. I was looking for a way out. My self-esteem was suffering. Less than a week ago, my family had performed an intervention; saying how hard it was for them to see me working in a coffee-shop while holding a Master’s degree.

One of my father’s co-workers happened to be a representative at this company and he invited him to meet their Regional Vice President (RVP). He was literally in love this RVP and had asked my dad for a while to meet with him. He finally agreed to do so and went in for an overview of what they’re doing. When my father came home, he briefly mentioned what he understood from the meeting and gave me the business card the RVP had handed to him. My father suggested I give him a call and see for myself if I’m interested. A couple of weeks later I picked up the phone and dialed the number. He didn’t answer. I tried him a couple more times, no luck. A few hours later he called me back. So I told him I wanted to meet up and find out more. He sounded pleasant and open. We agreed to meet up in a coffee-shop at 7:30 pm.

I finished work at 7:00 pm and headed to the coffee-shop that was located downtown. I looked great, but was a bit nervous. I got there 10 mins early, he arrived 15 mins late. We started talking about general things. We seemed like a really fun guy.  He asked me so many questions. He asked me about my background, education, future goals, whether I was married or not, and my dream income. He was amazing at making everything about me and not him. He left a positive first impression without even having to tell me a bit about himself. He didn’t say much about the business. He discussed their unique business model saying how it’s in his financial interest and anyone who’s above me in the hierarchy to help me become successful; because they will override me. He said in such environment there would no room for jealousy. Everyone gets prompted based on performance and they don’t have to kiss up to work their way up. You make $1000 working 3-4 hours with a client and you don’t have to pay taxes on what you earn. He said I was 6 months away from being an RVP myself and earning my dream income. I told him that I was new in town and I didn’t know too many people. He said that wouldn’t be an issue since he was going to teach all I needed to know to succeed. It was hard not to trust him. It was hard to deny the connection we had; and connection was a biggie to me. Our meeting stretched until 10:30 pm. It felt more like a date than an interview; an exciting one. He said he should play match maker and introduce me to his cousin. He offered to walk me to the bus stop because it wasn’t safe. On the way, he asked about my love life; made jokes and eventually hugged me goodbye. On my way back home, I got a text from him saying his back hurts from the hug he gave me because I was too short. I got butterflies.

To be continued… 


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