#7: Overdosed on Success Stories

Human mind and body have a natural tendency towards balance. They respond to excessive amounts of anything that they’re exposed to by building some degrees of resistance to them; be it excessive cold or heat, abusive substances, or those motivational speakers who invite you to live a stress-free positive life.

I remember the first time I was introduced to the power of positive thinking; it was when the movie “The Secret” had come out. The idea seemed fascinating to me and I couldn’t help myself but believe that this powerful secret was going to change my life for good. I used to catch myself thinking negative thoughts from time to time; getting scared thinking what if I end up attracting these thoughts. The concept that had initially excited me was becoming exhausting. So my defense mechanism kicked in and I stopped consciously monitoring my thoughts 24/7.  I also remember the first time I watched one of Nick Vuijcic’s talks on YouTube. I was deeply touched. For a couple of weeks, I was working extra hard towards my goals and then expectedly, I sobered up.

In the past few years, I’ve followed many of these success coaches and motivational speakers online. Even though they never had a permanent influence on me to go after my goals, they used to temporarily stimulate me into doing more and better. Recently though, they seem to have lost their power; I don’t get pumped up anymore. It seems like the excessive exposure to success material might backfire. The novelty might wear off. I’m thinking it might be time to bring on a revolution to human psychology!


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