#3: Those Little Things

When you come home to your favorite food| When you make someone laugh| When the temperature is above zero in January| When it rains in July| When a baby waves at you| When you laugh so hard until your stomach hurts| When you accidentally hear a song that reminds you of good old memories| When you can’t help but dance to music| When you’re done with your work-out| When you pass your last exam| When you defend your thesis| When you finish a drawing| When he says he loves your perfume| When you get a text from an old friend you’ve been missing for a while| When you make a killing presentation| When you dress up| When you go on a girls night out| When you help an old lady carrying her grocery bags| When you hold the door for the person behind you and he turns out to be hot| When you find out he has a crush on you| When you find out he loves you back| When you get butterflies |When you go on the scale and you notice you’ve lost weight |When your Facebook status gets so many likes |When someone you didn’t expect likes your profile picture |When your investments do well |When you get a raise |When you ace an interview |When you feel proud of yourself |When people come to you and only you for their problems| When you love what you do |When people appreciate what you do |When your sheets smell nice | When you successfully toss the paper ball in the trash can| When you hold the elevator for someone| When you finally get to pee because the person before you took so long| When you’re alone in the house and you can fart as loud as you want| When you’re alone and you can dig your nose for treasure| When you’re alone and you can scratch your private parts| When you’re alone and you can lay down naked after shower| When you take a cold shower | When you talk to an old friend and realize how much you’ve changed| When you find old pictures somewhere on your hard drive| When you wake up from a dream about something you’ve always wished for |When you finish a puzzle | When you know stuff by heart | When you can speak another language |When your blog gets a lot of visitors


When it’s time to stop daydreaming and go back to work!


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