#1: I’m back!

Today is the third day of 2014. For the perfect kickoff, I should have posted my first piece on the New Year’s. Oops, I forgot. Contrary to last year, I have no official resolutions to make. Not that there is nothing that needs to be improved, I just do not know where to start. Although I resigned my job on Friday, November 28, 2013 and have been unemployed ever since I feel exhausted. The friend that used to spark some excitement in my life has left to be with his wife for the holidays. My best friend has moved to Winnipeg and I know she is gone for good. I feel like I have no friends and for some reason leaving home feels like torture. Having had the chance to stay home and study my family, I have come to realization that how my younger sister is my strongest motive to keep going. Sometimes, I just feel the luckiest to have her. My father though, he confessed last night that he is suffering from a chronic depression. My mother, she is pretending she does not care. Lately, she totally tunes out when she hears bad news. More than ever, I need to write. I need to get it all off my chest without worrying about my privacy. I need to name everyone and everything. I need to stop censoring myself…

ClearReflection is going to be my haven. I will write with words that are naked; and I will write in bold.


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