Raised to be an uncompromising perfectionist in a middle-class Iranian family, I left my hometown for the land of all fine maple syrups. Twisting in the wind of uncertainty, I am relentlessly redeeming my 20s to uncover my passion in life. I am the queen of my fantasy world; beautiful and strong secretly yearning for a prince charming to come protect me. This is a secret well-kept. More often than not, this desire of having a man gets buried deep down for the higher goal: keeping my powerful demeanor. Even though I am way past my early years of over-achieving, I have not come to peace with that. Valuing perfection is the pillar of my identity regardless of how much I am fighting it. In a sense, I have lost a sense of who I am. ClearReflection is my haven, my new home. It is where I can safely continue to look for myself.


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